Springbank Hill Calgary Homes

While I am on a role at creating other community specific sites I have developed one specific to the community of Springbank Hill. The site comprises listing of both homes and condos but since this is the Calgary Home Page blog the link to the Springbank Hill Calgary site will be to the homes section.

As always you can check out the various quadrant sites as well for other communities.

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Aspen Woods Calgary Homes

I have set up some specific sites pertaining to Calgary Homes and the communities that they are located within. The very first one that I created was for the community of Aspen Woods. Aspen Woods is mostly composed of single family homes and they range from the median sale price well into the Millions of dollars if you check out the estates area. If you want to check out the Homes for sale in Aspen Woods then check out the Aspen Woods Calgary site.

You can of course always check out the various quadrant sites for Calgary Homes for Sale. If you are Buying or Selling a Home in Calgary I hope that you find these site (and of course my services) useful.

North West NW Calgary Homes for Sale
North East NE Calgary Homes for Sale
South West SW Calgary Homes for Sale
South East SE Calgary Homes for Sale
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Calgary Luxury Home Search

So after several weeks of tweaking and adjusting I have finally got to a place where I think that my website focussed completely on the Calgary Luxury Home market is ready to go. The site is set up specifically to showcase properties in Calgary for sale that are over the one million dollar range.

Not every community in Calgary is listed on the site but that is for good reason in that there are no homes that match the basic criteria (if you see an obvious omission please let me know). The difficult part has been separating out the outlying areas into a single define search section. Not all Calgary Luxury Homes that sit just outside the city are listed with the correct coordinates so it makes plotting and searching them a little more difficult.

Check you the Calgary Estates site and let me know what you think. I hope that you find it useful and that it will help in your search for that perfect Calgary Luxury Home. As always if you have any questions or need more information please feel free to contact me at any time.

A unique online holiday card idea

christmas_backgroundEvery year I find myself trying to figure out the best way to stay in touch with past clients, friend and family.

The traditional card is okay but it often requires countless time updating, writing and mailing out the cards. If you know me you understand how much I find handwriting a tedious task (I am much more of a fast typer than a nice and neat printer).

One of the coolest (okay and yes I am a bit of a Geek) is the Animoto Holiday Greeting card. It makes sending and sharing photos with everyone…well Cool!

Check it out…it also make a very cool virtual tour of a property as well.

Calgary Home Page Blog

Calgary SuburbsIf you have visited the Calgary Home Page site in the past year you may have noticed that the rate at which it was updated was not what you would call frequent. Well fast forward to today and I have made a great deal of changes in both the Real Estate business world as well as the Web Wide world as well. I will be very active in updating this and the other main Calgary Blog site of mine - Calgary Condo Blog

From the Real Estate Perspective it has been a busy last little while trying to get things updated and switched over from my former office (Royal LePage Foothills) to the new office at RE/MAX Alpine Realty both in the real world and in the online world.

First of all I would like to acknowledge all the support, encouragement and learning that I was given while at my last office. As for the reason that I moved to another office it really boils down to my belief that ‘change is a good thing’ and without constantly challenging yourself and adapting to an ever changing business environment you never really move forward.

As for my choice in office to move to it was based on a number of things one of which is that the first contact that I had with the Broker/Owner at RE/MAX Alpine Realty was online. Jessica focuses a great deal of her energy and time online as do I.  She opened the new office in Calgary as an iRealty office. This was to focus on REALTORS® who understand that the market has and is constantly moving further to being Internet based and driven. I have always focused on Internet marketing as opposed to the old school marketing.  The iRealty concept was a great fit for where I saw my business heading.   I work from home, the car, coffee shops and at clients homes.  This concept is only going to get bigger and front what I have seen in person while visiting the US on several occasions it is where anyone that want to be succeed in the coming years.

Check back on occasion for updates on this site or feel free to post comments or share thoughts.  If you have a topic of interest for Calgary Home owners let me know.

And yes the post is duplicated on my Calgary Condo Blog  site….I am not planning to do that very often but it was fitting in this case.

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